Tuesday, 23 May 2017

First post

This is a blog for my model railway layout featuring the towns of Lowood and Esk situated in the Brisbane Valley of South East Qld. The actual track and branchline was discontinued in the late 1980s but in my garage I get to continue it.

The Brisbane Valley Model Rail layout

SCALE / GAUGE - 1:87 -HOn3.5 (also known as HOm) using 12mm track (Peco)

TIME - mid late 1980s, though the Branchline didn't have many journeys left, on this model, the line is still very active.

LOCATION - The Brisbane Valley, located North West of Ipswich in South East Qld. The model will initially have the towns of Lowood and Esk, with further expansion hoped to include Fernvale, Coominya and other smaller stops.

The station area at Esk mid 2010 before the rail trail park was built